The New AR

The New AR
A letter from Mr. Miller:

Parents and Students,

In an effort to simplify the process and clarify expectations for students, Moody High School will begin implementing a revised Accelerated Reading (AR) grading system on October 18, 2016.  This new system, beginning with the second 9-weeks, will be based on points instead of pages and be counted as a single major grade for each grading period.  Students will be expected to earn a total of 10 AR points during each 9-weeks, but are eligible for an incentive trip if they reach 20 points.  Students may be allowed to roll over points in excess of 20 to the next grading cycle.  This new system was devised to be fair and straight-forward with students, parents, and teachers.  Grades will be calculated as follows:


AR point totals will be calculated at the end of the 8th week of the grading period.  The percentage of points earned out of the 10 required points will determine the grade assigned.  For example:

10 points = an AR grade of 100

9 points = an AR grade of 90

7.3 points = an AR grade of 73


Our goal is to allow students to read high-interest books at an appropriate reading level, encourage the continued development of reading comprehension skills, support our ELAR content standards, and foster a love for reading.  We appreciate your understanding as we make this important change to our AR program.  If you have questions about AR, please contact the school at 853-3622.


Thank you,


Andrew Miller


Moody High School

 **To see the actual letter, please see the Library Web page, Mrs. Johnson's, or Mrs. Tatum's.