Krista Barnum

Coach Barnum

Coach Barnum

I graduated from Moody in 2013 and continued my education at the University of Texas in Austin. I graduated from UT in May of 2016 with my Bachelor's Degree. I am excited to be back in my hometown with many of the teachers who helped prepare me to succeed at UT. I really look forward to working with everyone in my classes! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

My Class Schedule

1st Period: Middle School Athletics               7:55-8:40*

2nd Period: Conference Period                     8:38-9:24
3rd Period: PreAP Chemistry                      9:27-10:12
4th Period: Chemistry                                10:15-11:00
5th Period: Physics                                    11:03-11:48
6th Period: Physics                                     12:21-1:06
7th Period: Chemistry                                   1:09-1:54
8th Period: HS Athletics                                1:57-2:42
9th Period: ZAP                                            2:45-3:30

* Please note that the Middle School is on a different Bell Schedule; therefore I will be using the first part of my conference to travel from the Middle School to the High School. *