Bethany Tucker


Hello My Name Is...

Bethany Tucker

I graduated from UMHB with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a minor in Education.  I truly have a passion for the language of Spanish!  I believe it is crucial for students to learn another language at an early age.  Multiple opportunities open up for individuals who have knowledge of multiple languages.

I have had the wonderful privilege to volunteer at an orphanage in Puerto Rico and study abroad in Spain over the last few years.  These were great opportunities to use the language as well as experience various other cultures and beliefs.

One of my goals as a Spanish teacher, is to hopefully share my love of the language with the students.  By the end of the school year, I hope that my students have improved their skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening in Spanish.  I hope that they also have a respect for other cultures that are widely different than their own.

Schedule for the 2016-2017 School Year:
1st Period- Spanish 2
2nd Period- Spanish 1
3rd Period- Spanish 1
4th Period- conference
5th Period- Spanish 1
6th Period- Spanish 2
7th Period- Spanish 2
8th Period- Spanish 2
9th Period- Spanish 1